Pasture Raised Chicken
                                    Chicken the way it should be!

We start our chickens out in a brooder in the barn, where they stay until they are about 3 weeks old.  Then, it is time for them to move out to one of the moveable, floorless shelters in the pastures.  Out there, they have room to move around freely or lounge in the sun.  We stock our pens at an even lower density than other pastured chicken farms, prioritizing the bird's psychological and physiological well-being.  They forage on chemical-free pasture for plants and insects, and are supplemented with organic, grain-based feed from Coyote Creek.  Their feed contains kelp to provide essential minerals and probiotics for digestive health.  The birds are never given antibiotics, hormones, or parts of other chickens to eat.  The shelters are moved daily to fresh graze to allow continual access to fresh grass, and preventing the birds from having to live on top of their own waste.  These shelters provide a sense of security for the birds which reduces stress, as well as protection from the weather and the many predators who also enjoy a chicken dinner. 
When the environment is healthier, the birds are too!
Believe it or not, chicken is a seasonal product.  They do best when the weather is warm enough to keep them healthy and there are bugs and green grass on the ground for them to eat.  They also do not do well when the heat is extreme. (Let's face it; neither do many of us!) We respect the seasonality of this animal and don't try to produce them in the winter or in the worst of the South Texas summer.  We believe this results in a higher quality meat, since the full range of things the birds are supposed to be eating are present for them to enjoy, and they are not stressed trying to survive August.  Luckily, in South Texas, this only eliminates about three total months of the year.  The winter break coincides nicely with the holidays to give our family a well-deserved break, too.  Feel free to plan ahead and stock up on freezer chicken so you'll have enough for all the tortilla soup you want to enjoy through the winter!