We produce some of the finest eggs money can buy.  We chose to employ heritage breeds in our laying flock, prioritizing hardiness and variety over volume egg production.  Sure, there are egg-laying machines out there that can produce astonishing numbers of eggs, but at what cost to the hen's health, and to the quality of the eggs?  We opt for a slower, more natural model, with healthy birds who lay the highest quality eggs.  The difference is obvious next to supermarket eggs.  Even the "organic" or "free range" versions!  Our hens spend their days basking in the sun, scratching in the dirt, eating bugs and grasses and taking dust baths.  They spend their nights safely locked in a shelter with roosts to protect them from predators and the elements.  Eggs are gathered daily, cleaned and refrigerated. 

Healthy eggs from happy hens
Our hens are happy, healthy, and treated with respect for their instincts.  The resultant eggs are far fresher, usually sold within 7 days of being laid, and much healthier.  The chart below was published in Mother Earth News to highlight the differences:
Pastured eggs can be the easiest, least inexpensive way to benefit from incorporating pastured animal products into your diet.  It's a simple first step to a healthier lifestyle.

We also offer fertile hatching eggs for classrooms, and chicks, or pullets, from time to time, for those of you who want to start your own backyard flock.  Contact us for current pricing.
Contact us:  team.hanson@yahoo.com