Pasture Raised Turkey
                              A holiday feast with a clear conscience

Our turkeys have good lives.  They roam our pastures, soaking up the sun, showing off for the ladies, hunting insects and eating fresh grass and plants.  We supplement their forage based diet with organic grain based feed from Coyote Creek. This feed contains kelp for minerals and probiotics for healthy digestion.  It takes 16-20 weeks to raise a turkey on pasture.  That's 4-5 months of twice daily chores!  November turkeys are started in June in the brooders, and moved out onto pasture when they are a few weeks old.

Turkeys are naturally inquisitive and friendly, and are always ready to accompany us for morning and evening chores.  Aside from being entertaining work companions, turkeys provide a delicious source of healthful meat.  Raised on pasture, turkeys actually taste like turkey!  They do not need to be injected with a solution like supermarket turkeys to give them flavor.  When raised on pasture, turkey is a meat source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, which shows strong promise for being anti-carcinogenic.
We raise large white turkeys on pasture.  These are the same type of bird you are probably used to buying, but we offer you a chance to know them in a completely different way!  Instead of cramming turkeys into sunless confinement houses or barren dirt lots, the way many industrial producers do, we raise our birds naturally and humanely.  Access to fresh grass and sunshine gives these birds flavor and meat quality that you simply will not find in most supermarket birds.

Turkeys are available before Thanksgiving, and are in high demand.  First priority for turkeys is given to our CSA members, and if we have more available, you will need to reserve early, especially if you also want one for Christmas!

Heritage Breed Toms on pasture